Ha Cafe [revisit]

Since we were in the Metro area today and I was feeling for some Viet food, Mama Rae and I decided to go to Ha Cafe. This place, I consider a hidden gem.



The Restaurant

Ha Cafe is easy to miss, being buried in the Old Orchard Shopping Centre- the plaza diagonally across from Crystal Mall. The place is relatively small, with room for probably no more than 20 people? We did have to wait a bit, arriving at the peak of lunch hours. 


Here’s a sneaky pic I snapped from my phone using the reflection of their mirror hehe..


Ha Cafe’s menu isn’t anything out of the ordinary, from the typical appetizers, noodle soups, rice, vermicelli, to Vietnamnese subs. They also serve up breakfast, which I saw several people order (even though I went at like 1pm..).





The Food


I love Vietnamese cuisine, but all these years I’ve just stuck to Pho. There’s just something so comforting I find in the noodles and broth, all the delicious flavours together.. and I can’t really get sick of it. Today though, I wanted to try Bánh mì. Nope, judge all you want, I’ve never had Bánh mì before. 



Vietnamnese Coffee ($2.95): Mama Rae needed her fix of caffeine, so she went for a cup of Vietnamese coffee, which just has some condensed milk at the bottom. She didn’t say too much about it, so I’m guessing it was just average. (4/5)



Special Sub ($4.95): I always thought sandwiches were boring, but this proved me wrong. The baguette was nicely toasted, crispy on the outside, but inside, with the fillings, was light and springy. The “special” sub is packed with fresh cilantro, pickled cucumber, carrots and radish, as well as meat. There was “Vietnamese meatball, Vietnamese ham, and ____” quote the waitress. I forgot the third, I think it was some sort of chicken. The “meatball” was just pâté, but I love the combination of meat with the different textures. (Keep in mind that I’m not even a huge meat lover.) Mama Rae and I agreed that we would’ve liked some fresh vegetables perhap (some lettuce would do) to tone down the flavour of the picked vegetables, but otherwise, this was a hit! (5/5)



Mango Basil Salad Roll ($2.95): I’ve tried many variations of Vietnamese salad rolls- ones with ham, shrimp, pork ears- but I never had one with mango in it, ooo tropical! This was quite refreshing, and the sauce was sweet ish.. Mama Rae thought the mangoes were too sour, so she basically drowned the poor thing in sauce. However, I was fine with the tanginess. Like any other Viet salad rolls, this has vermicelli, lettuce and bean sprouts. Oh, I don’t think there was basil in this though..? (5/5) 

I’ve been to Ha Cafe several times, and in the past I’ve tried some other dishes. Here’s a picture of their yummy Lemongrass Fish on Rice ($7.95) that I happened to have. 





Final Thoughts


Definitely give Ha Cafe a go when you’re in the area. Their food is simple but delicious, and let’s not even mention the awesome prices. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get the comfy couch at the back of the restaurant. (: 




Food: 9/10
Service: 9/10
Value: 10/10
Ambiance: 8/10
Total: 9/10
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