NOTD // Middle of a dreadful school week…

Can’t believe it’s Christmas in 2 weeks! Somebody’s gotta do her gift shopping.. You would think that the last two weeks of school before vacation would be pretty chill and full of fun, festive class parties. Uhh nope, it’s the exact opposite. :C 9 more days though.. I can do it! Anyways, here’s another NOTD (Noms of the Day, but who’s got time to write all that :P).





Toasts :: Apple :: Mushroom Scrambled Egg
Woah, you caught me on an odd day when I’m actually not eating oatmeal or greek yogurt for breakfast. That actually almost never happens. O: I was in a toast kind of mood this morning, so I went for it. The bread I have is sprouted whole wheat, and it’s the Silver Hills Little Big Bread, which I got at Costco. With that, I just had some scrambled egg with mini bella mushrooms, a good old apple, and my usual cup of green tea. 



Mid-Morning Snack


Today is a weird day, because I happen to not have hummus as a part of my mid-morning snack. Gasp. Edamame is another of my favourite snack, despite the controversy on soy products. In my opinion though, everything in moderation is fine. Plus, these little guys are so full of protein, great for all our vegetarian/ vegan friends out there! I seasoned mine with a salt-free herbs and pepper seasoning. 





Baked Cod :: Stir-Fry Veggies :: Kidney Beans :: Kale 

I like to meal prep my school lunches over the weekend, since the school can get pretty busy and there’s just less to worry about that way. (This week, I only prepared 4 lunches, so I’ll have to make a quick sandwich or something for Friday on Thursday night..) Here I’m having baked cod, stir-fry vegetables (a mix of frozen cauliflower, broccoli, yellow carrots, and regular carrots, yay for convenience), kidney beans, and kale. Like many others, I started eating kale hearing all the health benefits of it, but I’ve grown to really like it. Not sure if I prefer raw kale or cooked kale (including kale chips, mmm), either way, they’re delicious! 



Afternoon Snack


Asian Pear :: Mary’s Crackers :: Raw Almonds
I have a serious problem with Mary’s Crackers. If you give me a bag of them, I will devour them within seconds, guaranteed. My friend Naomi introduced them to me (the Naomi that I did the Crazy for Pumpkin bake sale with!) and let’s just say she really shouldn’t have. xD I’ve cut out a lot of processed/ packaged food, but Mary’s Crackers is honestly quite healthy. They’re organic, gluten free, vegan, whole grain, etc all the good stuff, and the ingredients are great. I also had some asian pear (specifically they’re called like Chinese white pear, ya pear, haha “ya pear” sounds kinda funny.) and a some raw almonds.





Baked Yam :: Bok Choy :: Pork Veggie Stir-Fry { pork | chayote | enoki mushrooms }

Props to Mama Rae for another amazing, satisfying dinner. 😀 We just so happen to have bok choy again because well yay bok choy we love bok choy.. A soft, warm baked yam is always comforting on a cold winter night, oh and the stir-fry was delicious as well. I just love chayote and enoki mushrooms!



Bedtime Snack


Yogurt { greek yogurt | chia seeds | flax seeds }
Since I eat smaller meals throughout the day, some nights I will get hungry after dinner. If I do, I’ll grab a little something to snack on. Tonight, I just mixed some greek yogurt with chia and flax seeds, and now my once growling tummy is happy hehe. This technically isn’t a bedtime snack because the pile of homework in front of me just mocks the idea of sleep. And well, I should probably get back to it now. /:



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