Crazy for Pumpkin! // Tarts & Whoopie Pies

I really am a health enthusiast, so this year in school, I’m running Nutrition Club with my friends Naomi and Janjan! Naomi has a blog in progress, and it focuses on living a healthy lifestyle as well. I’ll definitely link her once her blog is up and going. (:
Our first event of the year was a bake sale, which we named “Crazy for Pumpkin.” The name itself is self explanatory, but we were selling healthy, homemade pumpkin desserts (pumpkin tarts and pumpkin whoopie pies, mmm..) with natural, wholesome ingredients. To go with that, we had decaf (school policy, no caffeinated drinks) chai spiced tea. Our pre-sales were during the week of Nov. 17th-21st, and that’s when we broke even. (Yay! The coconut oil was quite an investment haha..) The actual sale was just this past Tuesday to Thursday, Dec. 2nd-4th, and it was quite a success. Our club fundraises for Breakfast for Learning, a Canadian organization that support children and youth across the country in their health, by introducing school based nutrition programs. Quick shoutout to our amazing club members who contributed their time to make this event possible, and to all the teachers and students who supported our bake sale and cause! ^^



The Recipes

We did make a few adjustments to the recipes to compromise the taste for students- such as substituting the whole wheat flour for half all purpose, and perhaps a little bit more sweetener than what we would otherwise use. The reason being, our palettes after transitioning to a healthier diet do change a bit, and what the flavours we’re used to are relatively “bland” compared to an average Canadian highschool teen. (who basically live off of the greasy, junky, keep-them-all-away-from-me cafeteria food.. shh don’t tell my principals I said that!) Nonetheless, the base recipes that I’ll be sharing are absolutely refined sugar and flour free, so you can enjoy these delicious treats without any guilt. 😀 Props to Naomi for preparing these!


These pumpkin tarts may not look the prettiest, but they were all homemade with love and care, (throwing in some extra cheesiness.) and they were a crowd favourite. Naomi ended up making 2 or 3 more batches of these herself, because they were completely sold out the first day! We made these with mini muffin tins, so two of these bite-sized pieces would equal to one serving. I believe the recipe for this was adapted from Love and Lemons‘ vegan pumpkin pies, so credits go to her.



The whoopie pies were also pretty popular! Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough ingredients for a second batch of these, so they were sold out quickly. The cream cheese filling had such an aromatic scent, I was basically repeating “oh my gosh this smells so good” the whole time I was selling them.


Let me know if you gave these recipes a try! They’re relatively simple to make, and the hardest part would probably be waiting for them to chill and set. 😛 Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try these myself, but I know from the positive responses that we received that they all taste super delicious!

PS- December is not too late for pumpkins. It is never too late for pumpkins. C:




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