Noms of the Day // Goodbye November!

Outfits of the day, face of the day, why not.. noms of the day? ^^ Totally inspired by Anna Saccone’s What I Ate Wednesday’s and other What I Ate Today type videos, I thought I’d start a series sharing with you all the yummy (but healthy!) food I eat throughout a day. Here we go~





Coconut Pear Oatmeal { rolled oats | pear | unsweetened shredded coconut }
Oatmeal is my absolute favourite thing to have for breakfast ever! (And breakfast is my absolute favourite meal of the day. c: ) Especially when it’s freezing outside, nothing is really better than the comfort of a piping hot bowl of oats to start off the morning. Plus, it’s super quick and simple to make. I also find pleasure in decorating my oatmeal everyday.. with different fruits, nuts.. yeah I’m weird. ._. 



Mid-Morning Snack

Carrots + Hummus { baby cut carrots | roasted garlic hummus }
If you know me in person, you would know that I can’t live a single day without hummus.. seriously. I always have hummus with some sort of veggies as my mid-morning snack- it’s just so delicious and refreshing! I would love to make my own hummus someday but (a) my blender sucks (dear Santa, can I have a food processor/ better blender?) (b) it doesn’t hold for long and (c) I’m rather lazy, so for now, I buy the Fontaine-Santé brand from Costco. The ingredients are relatively healthy.. at least there’s isn’t anything too wacky that I can’t pronounce. 😛 




Baked Yam ::  Clam Stir-Fry { clam | frozen veggies } :: Grape Tomatoes :: Spinach 

For lunch, I just cooked up whatever was convenient. It was a study day so I couldn’t afford to experiment in the kitchen anyways haha. Frozen food is great when you’re either running low on produce, or in a crunch of time. I had a baked yam leftover from last night’s dinner, so all I had to do was throw together the frozen clams and veggies in a frying pan. Added some grape tomatoes and baby spinach to up my veggie intake! (Okay, grape tomatoes are technically not a vegetable but..)



Afternoon Snack

Raspberry Greek Yogurt { raspberries | plain greek yogurt | grounded flax seeds }
You may have noticed by now that I eat a lot.. Well, I have a pretty fast metabolism so I have to eat frequent and smaller meals throughout the day to function properly. (You do not want to see a hangry Rae, she’s quite frightening D: ) Greek yogurt, especially plain greek yogurt is a little difficult to adjust to at first.. but once you get you used to it, you can’t really go back. Regular yogurt just tastes too liquidy and disgustingly sweet to me now..





Fish Veggie Stir-fry { fish | luffa | carrot | bella mushrooms | green onion } :: Bok Choy :: Garlic Lamb { lamb | homemade garlic sauce | leek } :: Walnut Soup {walnuts | goji berries | pork } :: Wild Rice & Quinoa Mix
Mama Rae takes care of dinner, but I’m not complaining because it’s always fresh and delicious. Our meals usually consist of  a nutritious soup, loads of veggies, and some sort of protein. Everything’s cooked in a Chinese, specially Canton, style because of an obvious reason- we’re Chinese. Some days we have seafood, and other days we have meat. Today we had both.. yum! I have no idea what kind of fish it was and I forgot to ask.. oops.


That’s everything for today, hope you enjoyed munching the day away with me hehe.. I’ll talk to you all again soon~ 

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