Camellia Tea & Coffee

[11/25/2014] Yesterday was my birthday, and to celebrate, Tray and I went to Camellia Tea & Coffee for a girl’s date. On the weekend, I visited Les Faux Bourgeois with Mama Rae, and a review for that is on its way! ^^



The Restaurant


Camellia Tea & Coffee is a cafe located near the Royal Oak station, around a 5 minute walk away. I believe they opened recently. 




The cafe is actually quite roomy, lots of seats were available. The decor, music and overall environment is very nice. We came on a Tuesday afternoon, and the place was still half filled up. The service was not bad- they were somewhat busy but still got to us quickly and answered our questions. 




The Food

Berry Almond Tarte- $3.95: I love sweets, but Tray loves them even sweeter. However, we found this both way too sweet and it lacks flavours. To begin with, we couldn’t taste any almond, and the berries were barely there, overpowered by the sweetness.. basically, it tasted like clumps of sugar. The texture was alright, a little on the tougher side but still creamy. Relatively low price though. (2/5) 




Final Thoughts

We were a little disappointed.. Not only with the tarte we got, but also their limited selection. Having seen a variety of different cakes and other sweets on their Facebook page, we were definitely expecting more. But again, we did go in the middle of the week on a Tuesday so it might’ve just been bad timing. Perhaps next time we’ll check out what they have over the weekend (still hoping to try that yam cake!), and give their drinks a try too. I did enjoy my time spent here, just not so much the food. 😛 

Food: 4/10
Service: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Total: 7/10
Camellia Tea & Coffee on Urbanspoon


So glad I’m getting page views, very excited to expand this blog! (Especially in the healthy bites section, which I have a number of ideas that need to be put into action soon hehe.) It’s been a lot of fun, and I hope at least one person enjoys reading my posts. (: As always, have an awesome day! 
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