Les Faux Bourgeois

[11/23/2014] I’ve always been amazed by the French culture.. so it certainly doesn’t make sense that I’ve never actually tried French cuisine. (Except that one meal during a trip in Montreal, but it really wasn’t authentic French food..) So for my birthday this year, Mama Rae & I celebrated with a dinner at Les Faux Bourgeois.



The Restaurant

Les Faux Bourgeois has been around for a while now, and its the French bistro everyone raves about. Its located off Kingsway and Fraser, in a pretty isolated, quiet neighbourhood alongside a couple of other stores and restaurants.


Making a  reservation was a wise choice and I suggest you to do the same- this place is bustling! Regardless, the service was good. We had a welcoming waiter, who answered all our questions patiently and provided good recommendations.



The Food

Complementary bread: Some baguette was served cold with butter, but neither of us actually ate it.. we wanted to save our stomachs for the food haha.



Salade Niçoise ($13): This salad had a good mix of tuna, potatoes, leafy greens, olives, capers, and half a boiled egg (which was actually really salty…), but I was expecting some green beans in here too. I found this a bit over-dressed although Mama Rae disagrees and likes the amount they put in. It’s probably personal preference, since I usually go for salads with just a drizzle of lemon juice, or without any dressing at all.. 😛 (4/5)





Escargots de Bourgnon ($10): It was my first time ever trying escargot, so I was pretty excited. The escargots themselves were cooked well, tender with some chewiness, but they were kinda drowning in the huge pool of garlic butter. (We ended up using the bread to soak up the oil!) There was a generous portion of escargots, and it also came with some nice and crispy crostinis. (4/5)



Beef Bourgignon ($21): The beef bourgignon was very flavourful, I especially loved the mushrooms and carrots which soaked up all of the juices . The dish is topped with a generous scoop of pommes purée as well, and that was super creamy and buttery. However, the star of the dish, the meat, was rather disappointing. We found it too tough, dry, and honestly a bit difficult to chew down. (3/5)




Lemon Tart ($7): We rarely ever order dessert because we’re typically full after the appetizers and entrees. The food did fill us up, but we went for it anyways! (Special occasion you know, gotta indulge a bit hehe.) Since I have a relatively low tolerance for sweetness and find most restaurant desserts too sweet, we opted for a lemon tart instead of the Crème brûlée, which seems to be the most popular choice here. Absolutely no regrets- I loved it! The tart had the perfect level of tartness, and the raspberry coulis gave it an extra boost of flavour. The crumbly, buttery crust went well with the creaminess of the lemon filling. Mama Rae found the tart too sour by itself, but she enjoyed it with the whipped cream and without the coulis. On the other hand, I liked the coulis, and not so much a fan of whipped cream, so we had a perfect team right there. xD (5/5)



Final Thoughts

Like most others, we really enjoyed our meal here. It was loud, but understandable for a busy weekend night. We would come back to try some other dishes for sure, and hopefully the meat would be cooked right next time. 


Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Value: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 7.5/10

Total: 8.25/10

Les Faux Bourgeois on Urbanspoon


À bientôt, mes amis! 

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