[11/14/2014] I’ve been wanting to go to Shishinori for the longest time, captivated by all the beautiful pictures of their food floating around. So for dinner last night, Mama Rae and I decided to come here.



The Restaurant

Shishinori is a cute little Japanese-styled cafe located on Cambie Street, conveniently only a few blocks away from Broadway skytrain station. It’s quite a small place, with only 6 or so tables inside. Outdoor seating is also available but man it’s too cold for that now.. 😛 

Love the Christmas decorations they have up already, it’s never too early for Christmas! 


The service was great- the staff at the counter and the server were both very friendly. The wait for the food was reasonable, given that the meals probably don’t take too long to prepare. They actually gave me the wrong dish at first, but they kindly and very quickly returned with the right order once I informed them. 




The Food

Unagi Kabayaki- $12: Mama Rae loves unagi, so this is what she ordered. The bowl comes with a base of spinach salad with a variety of veggies, some edamame, and half a soft-boiled egg. As you can see, stunning presentation with all the wonderful colours! Mama Rae said the taste was good, nothing too spectacular though, but she was content with the amount of unagi it came with. (4/5)


Wild Salmon Paradise Bowl- $10.5: This is what I ordered myself. Similar to the Unagi Kabayaki, my bowl comes with a spinach salad, edamame, and soft-boiled egg as well, and it’s topped with some alfafa sprouts. There were a couple cubes of avocado and mangoes, and I mean a couple, literally.. and I also wish there was more salmon. I found the dressing they use a little too sweet for my liking, but other than that and the relatively small portions, I did enjoy the meal. (4/5) 
You can also make this a “meal” with a drink and soup/ dessert, if you add $2.50, not bad of a deal. But we opted out for that because we didn’t want caffeine flowing in our bloodstream that late in the night haha.





Final Thoughts

The food is good- very visually appealing, but in terms of taste, there’s nothing too mindblowing about it. There could’ve been more substance too.. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the experience here, and I would probably revisit if I happen to be in the area again. 
Food: 8/10
Service: 9/10
Value: 8/10
Ambiance: 9/10

Total: 8.5/10

Shishinori on Urbanspoon


I am aware that these pictures are not the best quality, and that some of them are even out of focus. Well, I’ve neglected my DSLR for a while now, so I’m just getting back in the swing of things.. I promise you’ll see some improvements in time though! And,. this is my first detailed review, so please don’t hesitate to leave some critques and pointers. Hope you all have an amazing weekend. (: 

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